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What are smart mirrors? The summarization to the smart mirror project!

A smart mirror refers to intelligent terminal equipment that can provide abundant functions for many users, run apps, and possess a sole app store supported the interaction ways of Voice Recognition, gesture recognition, multi-touch, etc. When the smart mirror is open, it becomes a mutual aid center and helps users in their life and work. The display of household smart mirrors can show daily weather, hot news, road condition information, schedule arrangement, dressing index, health management, etc.

At present, there are many smart mirrors with various conceptions, which try a lot in many fields, such as family lives, hotels, medical treatment, clothing, beauty, etc. But with the intelligent living system not popularized widely, the smart mirror android has not been completely delivered in many fields and markets. At the present stage, the development of the android smart mirror is facing two problems. First, its price is comparatively high, which is not popular with the consumption market. Second, the practicability of the smart mirror needs to confirm through the market.

The price on the high side

The smart mirror is gathered various functions, attached plenty of high technological content devices, and is applied advanced display screen for some of them, which cause a price that people can not afford. The traditional mirror is a must-have and affordable for many families. But like a mirror, the smart mirror's price is as many times as the traditional mirror. For many ordinary families, they might not accept the price. For example, Japanese electronic leading corporation, Panasonic, used to put the family users as the target to sell smart mirrors. But for the price is high to 38 thousand dollars, no people can afford it in the consumption market. Therefore, they replace the family users with enterprise users.

Utility to be tested

From the view of the useful functions of the smart mirror, its many online functions can get replaced with a PAD. What the most important is the PAD possesses strengths, such as portable, etc. Then there is a problem that whether to buy a smart mirror when you have a tablet computer, or the whole effect of which can reach better between the purchase of a PAD and a smart mirror. Each smart mirror enterprise is constantly developing plenty of functions to broaden and enrich the application of the mirror in various scenes. But whether some of the functions in various scenes are practical and feasible is a problem that requires many enterprises to verify.

As for an intelligent bathroom led mirror, when the user applies the bathroom, they do the work cleaning themselves mostly, such as teeth brushing for 3 minutes, face washing for 5 minutes, etc., and the time spent in the bathroom is pretty little, compared to the time at home. Therefore, if making full use of the smart mirror, you should spend more time in the bathroom in one day, even regarding the mirror as a television or a pad. Or put the mirror cabinet in the living room or hallway, where you can stand to watch the news and listen to the weather report when you go out every day. At the same time, many users rarely stand in front of a mirror to send or receive emails, watch the news, watch videos, or even play games. In fact, many users are more comfortable sitting on the sofa in front of their tablets, mobile phones, and televisions to do this. For the function of intelligent bathroom mirror linkage other intelligent bathroom products, its operability is not high because an intelligent speaker can completely replace it.

In summary, smart mirrors are not suitable for most family users. Actually, the led smart mirror is mostly applied to the bathroom in hotels because most people would like to enjoy the best living environment in the hotel during their trips. Eterna Lighting is a company that specialized in manufacturing smart mirrors for the hospitality and residential industries. If you are interested in our products, please contact us through e-mail: salesdept@ejanlighting.com

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