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LED Lighted Mirrors

  • Mirror types

    How to select a mirror A mirror is a decorator’s secret weapon. Far from simply being a practical object in which to check your face, a beautiful mirror can be used to amplify light, add drama, create interesting reflections and frame views. It’s astounding how the addition of a mirror can transform…
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  • Should I Get an LED Bathroom Mirror?

    What’s an LED bathroom mirror?   With the development of high-efficiency LED ability, it has become possible to be applied anywhere, from the kinds of lights & illumination to LED displays, vehicle light. Due to its outstanding merits as compared with incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, energy-saving, fewer costs and long…
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  • Benefits of LED Lighted Mirrors

    Energy Savings These energy-friendly lights use less energy (lower energy bills!) and have an efficacy of over 50,000 hours—which will last over 10 years! If you’re looking for a long term investment that saves you time and money, LED is the way to go. *Quality Lighting LED lighting comes in…
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