LED Illuminated TV Mirror for Bathroom
LED Illuminated TV Mirror for Bathroom
LED Illuminated TV Mirror for Bathroom
LED Illuminated TV Mirror for Bathroom

Place LED illuminated TV mirror over your bathroom vanity and instantly renew your space with brilliance and motion. It features a smooth polished edge, luminous inner frame of natural-looking LED lighting, and a vibrant LED HDTV.

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Product Features: 5mm copper free silver mirror

Rust resistant metal chassis

Hard wired or 3-pin plug optional

Wall Mount,easy installation

3 year limited guarantee

Mirror Size: W36”xH36”,W48”xH36”
Product Function: TVscreen
Voltage: AC110-277V,50/60Hz
Accessories: Offering free installation accessoires and positioning card
Lead Time: Generally,it will take about 30 days for the customized order production

The Specification Satement of TV Mirror for Bathroom
Solution shall consist of a lighted mirror LED HDTV with forward facing task lighting and corrosion-resistant glass.Mirror shall have uniform light output in frosted areas, using replaceable LEDs with a greater than or equal to 90 CRI (color rendering index).TV will have 50000-hour panel life,stereo speakers and a waterproof remote control.Product will be assembled in China and have a 3-year limited warranty.

The manufacturer introduction of aluminum medicine cabinet
Our main products cover the whole system of lighted mirrors and lighted medicine cabinet,icluding lighted bathroom mirror and non-lighted bathroom mirror,lighted and non-lighted medicine cabinet,LED infinity mirror,LED makeup mirror,hollywood lighted mirror,lighted and non-lighted full length mirror,TV mirror,smart mirror etc.

Q1: Where is your factory and showroom?
A: We are located in Nanhai district of Foshan city. We have the showroom at our factory. Welcome to visit us!


Q2: Can the mirror and mirror cabinet be customized?
A: Yes we can customize the products according to your demand.


Q3: What is your MOQ? It is possible to get a sample ?
A: Normally MOQ is 20pcs/item. We would like to supply you the sample for quality check. The shipping charge will be advised once you choose the sample.


Q4.: Are your products certified ?
A: Yes our mirrors are CE/ETL certified.


Q5: What is your warranty?
A: We offer 3 years warranty and free spare parts during the warranty period.



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