Electric Defogger Pad for Bathroom Mirror
Electric Defogger Pad for Bathroom Mirror
Electric Defogger Pad for Bathroom Mirror

Mirror defogger(also called mirror demisters/mirror heater/heating pad)-featured with wear-resistance from US DuPont polyester materials, it has a number of benefits, including high temperature resistance(up to 260 degree), indeformable when heated under high temperature, reliable electric insulation(without breakdown for 1 min under 2750V) as well as the imported heating wire adopted(no disconnection for 1 min under 2750V).

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Product Name: Electric Defogger Pad for Bathroom Mirror


Feature: • Voltage: 12V, 24V,110V-240V, 50Hz/60Hz

• Average temperature rise about: 15 Celsius

• Wattage: 200Watts/m 2

• Insulation material: PET

• Heating conductor: enameled wire

• Self-adhesive backing for ease of installation

• Application strength: 0.6/cm2

Material: PVC
Benefits: Easy to install: the electric mirror defogger with self-adhesive backing glue, easy to install to mirror and work effectively.
More Information: Various options: the heating area of the electric mirror defogger is made in different shapes and sizes such as rectangular, oval, round etc. This not only plays the role of electric mirror defogger but also meets the personal requirement of creating a more comfortable and beautiful environment.

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