Design styles of various mirror cabinets.

The toilet is a relatively small space, making good use of the limited facade space is the key to make good use of the toilet space, and the toilet mirror in front of the washbasin is a place worthy of thinking and making good use of. Today, let's talk about the design styles of various mirror cabinets.



1, Leave the bottom of the mirror blank

The mirror in the toilet is usually used for dressing and finishing, and there is often a relatively small space around the handwashing basin, which is not practical and convenient, and it is a pity not to use it. At this point, you might as well put the mirror back into a cabinet, and the bottom of the cabinet is left empty into a grid so that the usual toiletries and small cosmetics can be placed neatly on it.


2, The mirrored cabinet is left blank on one side

The design of the mirror cabinet is undoubtedly for space utilization and visual beauty. When the length of the washbasin is large, you can leave a special frame on the side of the mirror cabinet on the basis of the mirror cabinet. In addition to placing toiletries, the bathroom space will also have a sense of hierarchy, which is neat and beautiful.

3, The application of mirror cabinet

After all, the bathroom is a place full of water and humidity. The mirror medicine cabinet designed with cabinet doors can prevent water from contacting easily damp objects, such as paper towels. The mirror cabinet with the cabinet door can be separated from sperm, and the front mirror can also be used as the cabinet door, which makes the space cleaner and more modern and generous. As a LED mirror manufacturer, a large variety of products are available, such as smart TV mirror, cabinet mirror, Hollywood mirror, etc

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