Brief introduction to the led lighted mirror

With the development of technology, the LED industry increasingly grows. More and more LED lighted mirrors are sold in the market. Then let us briefly understand the led lighted mirror.

What is the LED lighted mirror?

LED lighted mirror refers to a mirror illuminated by LED lamps. Some LED makeup mirrors, bathroom mirrors, and tunnel mirrors can also be called the LED lighted mirror or abbreviated as the lighted mirror. It is also commonly called the LED bathroom mirror or the LED mirror. There are two main types of LED mirrors: one is an explicit LED strip mirror, and the other is a hidden LED strip mirror. The difference between them is whether they can get looked at the LED strip, and the one that can not saw the LED strip is the hidden LED strip lighted mirror.

At present, most LED makeup mirrors on the market are hidden LED strip mirrors. It looks more beautiful to hide the light strip well through the design. And the bathroom LED mirror tends to be both of them.

Compared to the ordinary mirror, the led lighted mirror can reflect more clearly due to its own illuminating function. There is also the enlargement function for some led light mirrors, which is convenient for daily uses like shaving.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the LED lighted mirror?

  1. Whether in the bedroom or the bathroom, to install the LED mirror, we should know the advantages and disadvantages of the LED lighted mirror. After you buy the wall lighted mirror with its own light, you only need to install the mirror on the hook, then set up the hook on the wall, and you can come into use.
  2. It can give out soft light after you open it. Moreover, the LED lamp is environmental and energy-saving. Therefore, the lighted bath mirror possesses a beautiful appearance and much strength.
  3. The LED lamp with good environmental protection and energy-saving property has low power consumption and brings good illuminating and decorative effects. Therefore, it is called the led makeup mirror and popular with many women.
  4. When the girl sits in front of the mirror for makeup, the lighted makeup mirror can compensate for lights with the LED lamp. The light source is not dazzling, and the warm light basically is about 3000K. It can self-adjust, and the light reflected on our face is pretty soft and makes our skin tone more brightness.
  5. For disadvantages, the heat-dissipation is not pretty good, which can shorten its service life. Moreover, in the bathroom, the rise of temperature will generate steam. When the steam is thick, it will gather in front of the mirror. The led bathroom lighted mirror without the anti-fog function can not reflect anything for us due to the steam.

What is the intelligent LED bathroom mirror?

  1. Compared to the ordinary LED mirror, the intelligent LED bathroom mirror possess obvious strengths. First of all, it can solve the problem of the surrounding vapor with the anti-fog function and form an effectively high-definition image.
  2. As a result of its intelligence, it can connect with our Bluetooth device with a switch, which attains an effect of a voice box, and can play music.


Through the brief introduction to the led lighted mirror, we can see that its advantages are more than disadvantages by far. Therefore, it is worthy for us to purchase.


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