A mirror with a function of television is called led mirror tv

With the rapid pace of people's lives, people are almost occupied with work every day. For more convenience to people's relaxation, the led mirror tv is invented in the market.

What is the led mirror tv?

The LED mirror TV can be used as a mirror, and it can interact with people in the way of message and entertainment, which gives you the enjoyment of more intelligent and comfortable home time.

The creativity of mirror TV is to combine electroplate mirror with high-end ultrathin LCD. The LCD is fixed behind the mirror through the special magnet. When the TV is turned on, it can show you the TV programs and the computer data content in a unique way. When the smart tv mirror is turned down, it can be used as a traditional mirror.

The applications of the led mirror tv

The smart mirror makes your kitchen intelligent. When you would like to cook in your kitchen, turn on the kitchen tv mirror, and the recipe of a dish is clear at a glance and teach you how to finish a tasty dish. And it can become entertainment equipment for your recreation, such as enjoying movie and music, etc.

The smart mirror tv can be embedded into the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, wardrobe, hallway, etc., with a pretty seductive appearance, which instantly improves the beauty inside the room. The television in your house can become the mirror and wardrobe. When you turn down the tv, it can switch to a transparent or mirror state. The led mirror tv can realize switch the state at your will.

The bathroom mirror tv understands you greatly. Its every function is designed to be corresponding to the bathroom. In the rapid pace of life, the bathroom becomes another relaxed place for people. To remove all your exhaustion, taking a shower is the best way of relaxation, and with the graceful music or movie, you definitely feel relaxed. The bath mirror tv waterproof can make you release your stress as much as you like. The mirror tv is applied to the bathroom. The intelligent mirror entitles a brand new meaning to the mirror on the bathroom wall. Its customized screen mainboard gives a strong defense capability of moisture for the led mirror tv. Whether it is installed on the wall or vertically disposed can integrate with the environment.

The led mirror tv can also be embedded on the wall for decoration in a room like a decorative picture hung on the wall. You can also install it on the furniture or put it randomly at any corner in your room. You can give full play to your imagination to decorate the bedroom.

The family cinema is not restricted to a single audio-visual room. The living room cinema is more and more popular. And it comes to the bedroom, bathroom, outdoor cinema, etc., the led mirror tv can achieve these bold ideas.

The public washroom becomes a place for merchants to propagate and demonstrate. The mirror tv can convey ordinary information to you in a surprising way with a concealed function. The installation position and the way to convey the pictures deeply impress people and attract more customers to accept the service of merchants.


With the development of technology, the led mirror tv is applied to various places. Even in the elevator, we can see the news in the mirror tv to solve our vapidity. The led mirror tv brings more convenience to people and gives people more reasons to look into the mirror!

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